Export Britain

If you are already trading overseas or know the type of export support you are looking for, this is you where can find out about the Export Services that Accredited Chambers of Commerce in the UK and British Chambers and business groups around the world can provide to support your export business.  Chamber Export Services are listed here by function - planning, finance, logistics, sales and marketing – so that you can dive straight in!


Export Readiness

Your intuition as a business owner and manager could be telling you that the time is right to broaden your business horizons. Of course, it’s always a good idea to back up your business sense with some evaluation, and British Chambers’ export readiness services are designed to do exactly that.

Export Finance

Trading internationally brings a new dimension to business finances. Crossing borders can increase risks, so putting the right process in place to ensure prompt payment is critical and dealing with fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rate can make the difference between profit and loss. British Chambers deliver services which can help you understand options for export finance, set up appropriate payment methods and access foreign exchange services.

Getting Goods to Market

Whether you’re shipping physical goods or providing services, a successful export business relies on delivering in a timely and efficient manner, while making provision for insurance & risk management and local regulations. British Chambers can help make sure you have all the bases covered.

International Market Access

Making sure you have the right distribution channels in place is critical to your export success. Making connections is what British Chambers do best and your local UK Accredited Chamber can offer valuable advice and introductions.

Sales & Marketing

One of the most obvious challenges when exporting to a new overseas market is not only to understand and navigate the local cultural customs but often to do so in a different language. To assist, British Chambers provide overseas marketing services and translation & interpreting services. In addition, as your overseas business expands, when the time comes British Chambers can advise on all aspects of setting up an overseas office.


Market Promotion

Building an awareness of the market opportunity and engaging in advance with business support experts in market is an important part of planning and developing any export strategy. To make it easier for you as an exporter, our approved international business network overseas are digitally accessible on Export Britain, Open to Export, UK Trade & Investment websites, social media, webinars and video conferences. Our overseas network can provide up to date market briefings and are readily available in the UK at least twice a year as well as helping to host overseas trade missions. This support will help you plan more effectively without incurring huge cost early on in the planning cycle.

Market Entry

Once you arrive in market our network are there to help you get set up with basic start up support. To make life easy, you will have access to business friendly spaces to hotdesk, network and access local business networks and informal mentoring opportunities should you want them. Our overseas network can help introduce you to useful local contacts such as agents and distributors, accountants, lawyers, advisory services, potential partners, translators, sector experts and access formal mentoring networks should you want or need them.

Market Development

Once set up overseas, growing and maintaining your market share is often the priority. Our network can help you develop market opportunities and your physical presence to further penetrate the market and capture new business opportunities in secondary and regional cities. Support is also available to strengthen joint venture partnerships with local companies, launch new products and strengthen local marketing strategies, all of which are important at the next stage of your export journey.

Regional Expansion

Once you have grown and strengthened your market share, the next stage is to look into regional expansion  to capture other regional market opportunities. Our overseas network can help you expand by making introductions to regional distributors, agents and other regional business networks including approved UK business networks in neighbouring markets.

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