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DHL Express is the global market leader in the international express business, specialising in time and day critical shipments to all corners of the globe.

  • DHL Express ships more international packages than anyone else. There were 19.3 million shipments sent via DHL Express in the UK in 2012 alone – an average of 77,473 per business day
  • DHL Express has 447 locations in the United Kingdom serving more than 50,784 customers
  • Top five import destinations: China, USA, Germany, Italy and France.
  • Top five export destinations: USA, Germany, France, Australia and Italy

Any business exporting physical products will need to carefully plan the logistics of moving them from market-to-market. At a basic level, British Chambers can provide an overview of the key considerations in warehousing, freight-forwarding and distribution, along with practical advice for working with providers.

At a more detailed level, British Chambers can provide tailored advice on logistics, including:

Accredited Chambers around the UK offer Export Training which covers the essentials of shipping goods, as well as providing the Export Documentation required to comply with international regulations. You can find out more in the Export Training and Export Documentation sections of this website. 

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) works with DHL to offer a range of services designed to help exporters manage their export shipments in the most cost and time efficient way possible.  Learn how to grow your business and develop in new markets with the DHL essential guide on international trade. Chamber members also benefit from exclusive discount offers. Visit the DHL Express Chamber Offer for more information.

For more information to support you in this part of your export journey:

Risk Management
Legal & Accounting Services
Export Documentation

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