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Ease of trading across borders

Importing a standard container of goods into Morocco requires:



Morocco is an important emerging market. It has been identified as part of a group of fast-growing nations described as ‘African Lions’. As the fifth biggest economy on the African continent as measured by GDP, the Moroccan economic system is viewed as open and liberal. The country has followed a policy of privatisation of certain economic sectors and the services sector now accounts for over half of GDP.

Economic snapshot (% annual growth rate)

GDP 2.4 4.4 3.7
Export of goods and services 6.3 3.1 5.6
Import of goods and services 1.8 -2.0 5.7
Inflation 0.4 1.6 1.5
Exchange rate (per $) 8.4 9.7 10.0
Population 1.4 1.3 1.2
Source: Oxford Economics

Economic outlook

Despite the impact of recession in Europe on trade and tourism, GDP growth in Morocco picked up to an estimated 4.4% in 2013. A modest slowdown is likely this year, to just under 4%, as the impact of agricultural recovery fades, but growth is then seen returning to around 5% in 2015.

Trade outlook

Morocco has the second-largest non-oil GDP in the Arab world. In the past, Morocco relied on phosphate exports, which has declined over the recent years. The country has now emerged as an exporter of manufactured and agricultural products and its popularity as a tourism destination is growing. Morocco’s import partners include; France (16.1%), Spain (13.5%), Italy (6.5%), China (6%), Germany (5.6%), Saudi Arabia (5.4%) and Moldova (5%). Morocco’s primary trade partner continues to be France. 

Cultural tips

Essential Customs tips

The de minimis value is 125 USD (unless a special customs control measure applies).

Document shipments must not exceed more than 2 kilograms in weight. When sending magazines, newspapers or manuscripts you must have authorisation from the Ministry of Communication. Maps must comply with the Moroccan border territory in the Sahara desert or they will be destroyed by the customs authority. Items offensive to Muslim culture are strictly prohibited.

SWOT analysis

Effectively pursuing strong reforms that led to an improvement in trade logistics.
Corruption. Low living standards.
Preferred FDI destination among African nations.
High unemployment rate.

Morocco's trade with the UK

Sector segmentation growth

Sectors to watch:
  • sector
  • sector
  • manufacturing
  • manufacturing

Fastest-growing exporters into Morocco

1 Greece
2 Hong Kong
3 Croatia
4 Bulgaria
5 Pakistan
6 Turkey
7 India
8 China
9 Hungary
10 South Africa

Total merchandise trade - Leading import partners

Total merchandise trade - leading import partners
Opportunities for UK businesses

Key sectors in Morocco which provide opportunities for UK companies include: renewable energy, education, agribusiness, safety & security, healthcare, and tourism.

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