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Having the relevant, appropriate and correctly completed documentation is one of the most complex and potentially problematic areas for a new export business to navigate, and therefore one of the biggest barriers to effective exporting.

Why is export documentation important?

Navigating your way through the ever-changing regulations for the relevant documents can be time-consuming to get right and costly to get wrong: the accurate completion and official authentication of export documentation is vital if customs penalties and delays are to be avoided and shipments are to make delivery deadlines. Asking your local Chamber for advice before shipping can save you time, money and stress.

How can Accredited Chambers of Commerce help?

British Chambers of Commerce in the UK act as issuing bodies authorised by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) for the issue of all non-preference EU Certificates of Origins and by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for preference documents such as EUR1’s and A.TR certificates and agents for the Arab British Chamber of Commerce for the issuing of Arab-British Certificates of Origin and are a source for all other export-related documentation.

1) Make arrangements for legal documents to be apostilled or signed by a notary public

2) Provide an online document processing service, allowing exporters to apply and receive certified Certificates of Origin, Movement Certificates and other export-related documentation electronically, improving speed, service, simplicity and accuracy

3) Provide ATA carnets which act as passports for goods allowing temporary admission of goods avoiding the red tape and cash deposits that have to be paid otherwise. ATA carnets can be used for the following goods: (1) Commercial sample (2) Exhibition use / trade fair (or similar events (3) Professional equipment


EU Certificates of Origin

Arab-British Certificate of Origin

EUR1 Movement Certificate

A.TR Movement Certificate

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