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Experian’s International Business Reports provide deep insight so you can make accurate risk assessments and informed decisions about who you are trading with. Talk to us about how we can work together to expand your business trade overseas.

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With the rapid growth of emerging markets around the globe, the opportunities for your business to export are unlimited. The key to a successful export strategy is focusing your resources on the markets most likely to generate the highest return on your investment.

Market research is an essential step in making sure that your efforts are directed towards the right targets. To find out more about key markets that may represent the best opportunities for your business, you can check out our Market Snapshots for useful facts and figures, and you can also attend some of the many Market Seminars that British Chambers host around the country.

Once you've identified the opportunities that you want to focus on, you will want to carry out more in-depth research into those markets.   British Chambers can create bespoke market intelligence reports specifically relevant to your business. Reports include detailed research on countries and regions within them, specific industry and competitor intelligence, audience insight, market entry strategies and distribution channels. Your local accredited UK Chamber can also connect you with the British Chamber in your target market, or to directly access in-market advice about key high-growth markets, search our directory of International British Chambers.

Once you have gathered the information you need about your target market and are ready to start trading, you will want to take a closer look at the companies who may form part of your distribution channel.  Trading with overseas companies can be a huge boost to your business, but it can also be more difficult to judge whether potential international clients present a high risk.

Export Britain works with Experian as our partner in providing global business information at a company level. So whether you’re after marketing data lists for worldwide companies or looking to valid a company through Experian's International Business Reports, we can provide you with instant, accurate global business information, helping you make insightful choices and giving you the confidence to expand your business internationally.

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