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The Export and International Trade Team will be posting regular reports from events and missions, their perspectives on legislation and government policy relating to international trade, details of forthcoming and new publications, enhancements to export services and anything else that might catch their eyes in the export arena.

Export Controls, Export Licences - Who's Responsible?

Exporters Beware, more and more goods are being covered by Export Licences than ever before. The changing…

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UK expertise key to scoring international success

Sporting events such as the World Cup or the Tour de France involve enormous levels of investment and present…

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Why do business in Romania?

Richard Reese, CEO of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce explains why Romania is great for UK business. The interview was filmed by the British Chambers…Read more

Russia sanctions: what does it mean for UK exporters?

The media has not surprisingly focused on the geopolitical and military aspects of recent events in Ukraine, including the tragedy of Flight MH 17 and…Read more

The International Festival of Business: A huge success for the Chamber network

We are just getting our breath back after a busy summer! 20 representatives from British Chambers and Business groups from the world’s high growth markets…Read more

Poland's muscular mid-tier

What have pestering nine-year olds at their first communion have to do with Poland’s muscular mid-sized businesses? Patrick Ney supplies the…

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New Indian government means more business for UK

A casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that India was one of the UK’s top export destinations and a significant trading partner. Historical…Read more

South West companies winning business around the globe

The South West is growing at a phenomenal rapid rate and nowhere is this more evident than in our overseas trade.Read more

How to Develop a Digital Road Map to the World

Social media isn’t just for teenagers looking to get out of doing homework. It has real business implications as well. Your social media and networking…Read more

Why do business in Indonesia?

I am often asked if the environment for doing business in Indonesia has changed significantly in the 20 years that I have been in market. As…

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