Export Britain

EU Business Barometer Q4 2013

The Business EU Barometer from the British Chambers of Commerce gauges business sentiment on the UK’s relationship with the EU. This quarter, respondents were again asked to give their view on the impact of different scenarios for Britain’s future relationship with the EU. The key points to emerge were:

• Business wants more decisions made in the UK: the scenario viewed most positively was for the UK to remain in the European Union, but with specific powers transferred back from Brussels to Westminster. 56% of respondents believe this would deliver a positive impact for their business (down one point on Q3 2013).

• Most businesses think withdrawal from the EU would be bad for Britain: 62% responded that full withdrawal from the  European Union would impact negatively on their business (up four points on Q3 2013).

• But further integration is also viewed by many as bad for business: 42% believe that remaining in the European Union and integrating further would be a negative outcome too (down four points on Q3 2013).


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