Export Britain

10 Steps to Export Success

More and more food and drink businesses are waking up to the benefits of export and, in spite of increased competition in the international marketplace, demand for British products remains high.

Whether deciding in favour or against exporting, it is a strategic business tool that all ambitious UK companies must carefully consider. Before starting down the path to export food and drink businesses must understand that exporting is for the long haul and carefully consider what it is that they want to achieve.

Exporting should not be treated as a quick way to boost sales figures. The most successful exporters are both patient and proactive; they are prepared to foster relationships with overseas buyers and consumers over the long-term and are always actively looking for opportunities and seeking new partnerships.

In 2011, Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) commissioned research into opportunities and barriers to growth in the food and drink manufacturing sector. This research highlighted some of the key benefits of export to medium sized food and drink manufacturers.

These include:

One of the key findings in the FDF and Defra research report mentioned above is that, while there is extensive information available on exporting food and drink, businesses find it fragmented and difficult to locate, which acts as a disincentive to export. In fact, there is a wealth of free resources produced by expert organisations, which are available to UK businesses accessible throughout the export process. '10 Steps to Export Success' pulls together this existing information into a single, free resource and provides tailored, sector specific information to help food and drink manufacturers with every step in their exporting journey.

This virtual resource contains direct links to web pages throughout each of the sections. Simply click on the links to be taken to web pages that provide information, services and key contacts to help you on your export journey.

Download the PDF: 10 Steps to Export Success - A reference guide for food and drink businesses

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