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Ease of trading across borders

Importing a standard container of goods into Mexico requires:



Mexico is Latin America’s second largest economy. Covering an area almost as large as Western Europe, the country forms a natural bridge between North, Central and South America. Mexico has become increasingly trade-friendly. It is the country with the most Free Trade Agreements in the world, with 45 open trade partners. Recent reforms aim to provide higher security for international companies.

Economic snapshot (% annual growth rate)

GDP 2.3 2.5 2.7
Export of goods and services 7.0 9.1 3.0
Import of goods and services 5.9 5.1 4.9
Inflation 4.0 2.7 3.3
Exchange rate (per $) 13.3 15.9 18.6
Population 1.3 1.3 1.2
Source: Oxford Economics

Economic outlook

The performance of the Mexican economy last year continued to be constrained by a weak global environment. At the close of 2012 the economy continued to grow at a pace of 0.5% compared to the previous quarter. The service sector performed particularly well in the last quarter, with an estimated growth of around 3.5% annually. Mexico will continue to grow at above 3.0% in 2013. The implementation of energy and fiscal reforms will boost investment potentially increasing GDP by a further 0.9 percentage points.

Trade outlook

In 2012 almost 80% of all goods exports from Mexico were destined to the US. Although the relative importance of North America is set to fall in the medium term, it will still account for around 70% of Mexico’s exports, remaining the most important trade partner. India will also become one of Mexico’s top five export markets, as its rapidly expanding middle class demand more consumer goods. Over the medium term, Mexico’s trade will become more global and less regional in focus. The fastest trade growth will be with countries outside the Americas, with China and India likely to increase at a particularly fast pace over the medium term.

Cultural tips

Essential Customs tips

The de minimis value is $50USD.

All goods shipments to Mexico must be accompanied by the original Customs documentation and an additional copy. The weight stated on the waybill must be the accurate net weight of the shipment or the shipment will be returned to origin. Original EUR1 certificates must be included with shipments that originate in the EU.

SWOT analysis

Structural reforms
Slowdown of the US economy
Growing infrastructure
Reliant on oil exports

Mexico's trade with the UK

Sector segmentation growth

Sectors to watch:
  • Food
  • Motor vehicles 
  • Utilities


  • Aerospace
  • Shipping
  • Cement, plaster, concrete etc

Fastest-growing exporters into Mexico

1 India
2 Turkey
3 Poland
4 China
5 Indonesia
6 Vietnam
7 Egypt
8 Hong Kong
9 Brazil
10 Bangladesh

Total merchandise trade - Leading import partners

Total merchandise trade - leading import partners
Opportunities for UK businesses

Mexico is a country of huge potential which has demonstrated predictable, stable economic growth. It is a dynamic market and analysts predict that its economy will be the world´s seventh-largest by 2050. Mexico offers many opportunities for British businesses in sectors including healthcare, retail, infrastructure, aerospace and energy.

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