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Nigeria Elections Monitor


Nigeria will hold general elections in February 2015. With its impressive economic growth over the last decade Nigeria’s economy is now the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa and is increasingly seen as one of global economic importance. As such, the election stakes in 2015 are higher than ever. Against a backdrop of a growing north-south gulf in politics and development, a northern security crisis and a more heavily contested political landscape prompted by the formation of a strong opposition alliance, the 2015 elections pose a major test to Nigeria’s democratic maturity.

Risks for your business  Nigeria is a highly complex place in which to do business. Over the next
few months, election dynamics will present a range of challenges to your business. 

The Nigeria Elections Monitor will provide you with a real competitive advantage for  your operations in Nigeria: Access the latest, most relevant information and analysis to keep your personnel and assets safe,  while also strengthening your business continuity and crisis management frameworks.

Gain strategic insights on how the elections will shape Nigeria’s future trajectory, both in terms of  national stability and the general business environment. If you are interested in the Nigeria Elections Monitor, please contact Control Risks


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