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Since 1917 the British New Zealand Business Association (BNZBA) has been developing and promoting bilateral trade, investment and goodwill between the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Its membership comprises a mix of UK and New Zealand businesses, as well as business individuals, who have an interest in growing the UK/NZ business relationship. The BNZBA is primarily Auckland based but does also have members in Wellington.  It works closely with relevant departments in both the UK and New Zealand governments,  as well as with local industry and business organisations. 

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Market/Regional Information

The largest industry in New Zealand is Agriculture/foodstuffs including meat (beef and lamb), dairy products, seafood and wine production. Another rapidly growing industry is Tourism, in particular from Asia. Other industries that are showing strong growth are biotechnology, film production and special effects and  education.

Major imports into New Zealand are mechanical equipment and machinery, vehicles and textiles. 

The population of 4.5 million is spread across the 2 islands but Auckland is home to around 1.4 million people and generates almost 40% of the country's GDP. The other major cities are Wellington, the capital and political centre, and Christchurch where there is a substantial rebuild underway following the earthquake of 2011 which is expected to cost $40bn. .

New Zealand has a strong economy with a growing population due to the flow of migrants from China and India, as well as from the UK. Auckland also houses the largest offshore Pacific Island population in the world. New Zealand  has a Free Trade agreement with China which is New Zealand's biggest export market after Australia. The largest foreign investors into New Zealand are Australia and the UK.

Its consumer and  business culture, as well as its legal system, are very similar to those of the UK. Due to the geographic proximity to Australia with whom it has a specific economic and trade agreement, as well as the similar business and consumer culture, exporters often look at Australia and New Zealand as a combined market.

New Zealand is regarded as one of the easiest countries to establish and undertake business in, as well as ranking very highly in terms of competitiveness and transparency. There is a well educated and skilled workforce and a good international transport infrastructure. There are no restrictions on the movement of funds into or out of the country.   

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