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British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium
Boulevard Bischoffsheim 11
1000, Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 2 540 90 30

To find out more about opportunities in Belgium:

The British Chambers of Commerce works in partnership with the UK government and may direct your enquiry to government partners to fulfil your request. 


The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium gives you the international business and policy connections to boost your impact in Europe; we are your international network. The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is a:

The Chamber provides a network of business support services dealing with all the practical issues that international companies in the Belgian market need assistance with. This advice is provided by accredited, experienced service providers and covers all aspects of establishing and operating a company in Belgium

Services for Exporters

The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium offers professional advice and services for international companies in, or entering, the Belgian market. With the assistance of our vastly experienced partners, we help your business to grow and succeed. Through our network of Accredited Service Providers we can provide free advice on almost any business issue new or expanding companies face in Belgium. Our accredited service providers are trusted partners with many years experience working in Belgium. They are all experts in their field, offering specialised advice; including answers to questions that you may not know to ask. Each Accredited Service Provider can provide one hour of free advice.

We understand that there are many steps to establish or improve a business and that this can take a number of years, that is why there is no limit to when you use our services, we can provide advice on the best way to structure a company in Belgium and months later provide advice on the best marketing strategy in Belgium.

Advice is available in the following areas:

Market Information

Sectors that offer significant opportunities for UK companies include:

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