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The music industry’s best kept secret turns global

'We have worked very hard to achieve business growth in the last couple of years and are extremely pleased our work has been recognised and rewarded. As a means to develop products that better serve our clients’ needs, Perfection Foods is actively involved, at present, in developing several new brands.'

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles is a unique product specifically formulated for singers, actors and voice professionals. Originally developed in 1912 for famous opera singer Enrico Caruso, Vocalzone has been the music industry’s secret for decades.

The product is now used by the likes of Sir Tom Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Rhianna and Jay-Z. Containing natural ingredients such as menthol, peppermint and myrrh, it is the only licensed medical product in the UK which relieves throat irritation caused be excessive use of voice.

Currently exporting to Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Azerbaijan, Vocalzone is about to launch in Nigeria. As a small family business, it is looking to grow and expand and is thus constantly researching new markets for opportunities. 

Leveraging the expertise of local distributors

The company uses local distributors to sell Vocalzone as it is the most effective method for its business. ‘Their local market knowledge and low start-up costs are attractive to us, and being cost effective is crucial to our small family business. It is very important to regularly visit local distributors and have active input into marketing and branding. If not monitored closely, distributors can deviate from our brand strategy, which may negatively impact on sales.’

Tips for doing business abroad

For Vocalzone, the local regulatory environment is the biggest barrier to entry to international markets and thus market research is vital to their success. With research support from UKTI, Vocalzone went on an overseas visit to Australia and signed a distribution agreement with a local distributor who had expertise in our target market.

Vocalzone is a member of Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

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