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Global Logistics Company in talks with Myanmar Government

Claridon is the first privately owned British company, as well as the first British global logistics company to open a wholly owned office and operations in Myanmar.

Claridon Group is a leading provider in specialist global logistics services. It offers a range of services by sea, air and surface freight to and from global destinations, including remote and politically instable regions. Claridon decided to set up an office in Myanmar due to the country’s rich natural resources and proximity to some of the most dynamic investment in the world, and as a result has reaped significant benefits.

Claridon has been the first British company to be invited for private talks with the Myanmar Transport Minister. The meeting focused on raising awareness to British exporters of the opportunities in Myanmar as well as meeting with a Myanmar Ministerial Delegation  to discuss and advise on such matters as regulatory impacts, private sector development, private-public partnership and anti-corruption issues.  

The Myanmar Government expressed their pleasure that Claridon has set up in their country and is bringing in much needed inward investment & creating employment.   Claridon view this opportunity as a long term partnership, ensuring responsible trade to help support jobs within Myanmar and the UK.  As a proud member of the Essex Chambers of Commerce, Claridon is already working closely to advise and assist members in developing business in this emerging market and providing future opportunities for local companies creating long term opportunities for a wide range of manufacturers, goods and services.

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