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Chloe Taylor: Flying the flag for British business in the Philippines

Chloe Taylor is the Project Director for the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines. For the latest updates, follow @TayChlo.

27 October 2014

Chloe provides us with some great insights into working for the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines (BCCP) in the following interview:

Why did you decide to work at a Chamber of Commerce?

Having previously worked for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I was able to build up knowledge and experience of the UK Chamber network. I found working for the Chamber rewarding and fortunately the opportunity arose for me to work for the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines. Ethnically, I am half-Filipino and half-British. The role is an ideal opportunity to continue my personal journey in reconnecting with part of my heritage, and to develop professionally. I am pleased to be able to represent both the UK and the Philippines in continuing to strengthen their trade relationship. The Philippines still remains undiscovered, not only as a tourist destination, but also a business destination. I am very excited to be part of the BCCP team during a time of huge economic growth and potential for the Philippines, and I am looking forward to flying the flag for the BCCP in encouraging businesses that the Philippines is ready and “open for business.”

What is your biggest challenge and how you have overcome this in the Chamber?

I feel that my biggest challenge is adjusting to a different culture both at work and outside of work. Professionally and personally, I am embracing this challenge as one that will help me develop as a person and broaden my perspective and experience. I have learned so far, that being patient, having flexibility, and being open to possibilities plays a major part in overcoming this challenge, and also ensuring it will work to my advantage.

What contribution do you believe women have given or can give to international trade and the UK’s exporting profile?

I believe women make an invaluable contribution in business and in trade. Some of the top Chief Executives in business are women, and the idea of ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ is constantly challenged in surpassing gender barriers in the working enviroment. Women have an important role to play in raising the UK’s exporting profile. Their contribution in driving trade on a global stage is happening through innovation, thought-leadership and their ability to identify and grasp potential opportunities.

1-2 tips for other aspiring women

  1. Have confidence in your skills and abilities.
  2. Be patient, don’t give up and have the belief that there is always another alternative.

To find out more about how the BCCP can guide you through your exporting journey, get in touch. 

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