Export Britain

In all areas of business, building a strong network of contacts and connections is critical to commercial success. In this section of the Export Journey, you can find out how Accredited UK Chambers and British Chambers worldwide work together to help you get connected.

The British Chambers of Commerce is currently working on a programme to link UK exporters with British Chambers of Commerce Overseas, and other relevant business bodies. These organisations have the in-market expertise and personal connections to help you as you enter and evaluate these markets. Our Directory of International Chambers shows you the support available.

Trade Shows and Missions

While market insight and research can give a good flavour of a potential export market, there’s nothing quite like getting your feet on the ground and seeing it for yourself. When visiting a potential export market – either attending a local Trade Show or participating in a Trade Mission – British Chambers can help you prepare thoroughly to ensure that the time you have in market is spent as productively as possible.

Local Market Access Support

British Chambers – both in the UK and overseas – are ready to offer help and advice with regard to all aspects of entering a new market, however small the query. Accredited UK Chambers work closely with British Chambers in key markets around the world to provide a seamless connection and help smooth the path towards export success.

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