Export Britain

Your decision to start exporting may be based on pure business intuition. Or perhaps, as many businesses find, you've received a number of orders from overseas and think it points to a bigger export opportunity. You may already be exporting to one market and be keen to expand into others.  In this section of the Export Journey, you will find information about the Export Services you need to help you evaluate the opportunity.

Overseas Market Intelligence

The first step when thinking about starting or expanding your export business is to identify those markets which offer the biggest opportunity and gather as much information as you can, either remotely or from people on the ground. Our growing database of Market Snapshots is a great place to start for insight and data, and when it comes to in-market knowledge, nobody is better placed to help than British Chambers located in key overseas - you can find them with our International Directory.

Market Seminars and Events

Accredited Chambers around the UK run regular events highlighting the opportunities for export in strategically important international markets. Many of these events take the form of short, informative seminars, delivering the maximum knowledge and insight in a concise format. You can also find details of Chambers running regular export events in our events listing.

Export Readiness Assessment

While it is essential to identify and research those overseas market offering the greatest potential for your business, equally important is taking a realistic view about the readiness of your own organisation for embarking on international trade. Ensuring that you have the appropriate resources, knowledge and skills in place is key, and British Chambers can help you in your assessment.

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