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PM at the International Festival for Business in Liverpool

9th June 2014

The Prime Minister will today (9 June) open the biggest trade fair in the UK in over 60 years.

Like the Great Exhibition in the 1850s or the Festival of Britain in the 1950s, the International Festival of Business (IFB) is a once in a generation event to showcase the very best of Britain and encourage foreign investors to set up or expand in the UK.

Over 50 days a quarter of a million people from 80 countries will take part in over 200 events promoting manufacturing, technology, science and more. That's 6 weeks of deals being done and a predicted potential value of £100 million to the UK economy.

The festival will help fulfil our long-term economic plan by boosting investment, backing business and creating jobs. Crucially, it will also help further rebalance the economy, spreading growth in the North as well as the South.

The British Business Embassy (BBE) will be the opening event for the International Festival for Business.

Follow live coverage of the BBE on Twitter @UKTI using #BBE14 or on UKTI's Storify.

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Organisation: 10 Downing Street

Source: Press Releases

Date: 09.06.14


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