Export Britain

As with any aspect of your business, planning is everything. In this section of the Export Journey, we look at how British Chambers can help you consider every aspect of your export business, giving you the best chance of successfully entering a new market, whether it is your first venture or an expansion of your international trade activity.

Export Training

Every function within your business requires specialist knowledge and skills, and international trade is no different. British Chambers offer both classroom and online training in essential elements of exporting, with a particular focus around the often complex subjects of documentation and payment methods. Employers can rest assured that courses offered by Accredited UK Chambers are certified by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

Distribution Channels

Effective distribution means more than simply getting your products into the hands of your customers quickly and efficiently. Local distributors and agents can effectively become the face of your business, adding value to your sales and marketing efforts and the overall success of your international trade. British Chambers can help you identify, contact and select the most appropriate distribution partners for your business.

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