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Arab-British Certificate of Origin

What is an Arab-British Certificate of origin? 

An Arab-British Certificate of Origin is a Customs clearance requirement in some countries to evidence the origin of the goods. It may also be requested by the importing company. Arab Certificates of Origin may be used for Arab League States as shown below:

Algeria Bahrain Djibouti Iraq Jordan
Kuwait Lebanon Libya Mauritania Morocco
Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Somalia Sudan
Syria Tunisia UAE Yemen  


If you require your documents to be legalised by a particular embassy, consulate, notary or the UK Foreign Office, then your local Chamber can handle the entire process for you, saving you and your business time and effort.

How do I apply for an Arab-British certificate of origin?

Complete Formal Undertaking: In order to obtain certified documents it is necessary for your local Chamber to hold your signature on file. This is done in the form of a Formal Undertaking, which must be completed and signed by the Proprietor, Director, Partner or Company Secretary of your business and returned to the Chamber in original form by post, or over the counter.

The formal undertaking must be renewed annually (i.e. you do not need a new Formal Undertaking with each Arab-British Certificate as long as the one held by the Chamber is current and contains the relevant signature(s). Once you have submitted your Formal Undertaking you will be issued with the Standard rules and you are ready to complete and submit forms to the Chamber. This can be done both manually and electronically.

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