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Emerging Europe: Mega Mission 2014

Join a tour of the industrial heartland of one of Europe’s most exciting export markets.

Date: 02 March 2014
Location: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

Join a tour of the industrial heartland of one of Europe’s most exciting export markets.



The Emerging Europe region is developing fast with some countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) showing growth rates comparable with Russia or Brazil. At the same time, EU membership for these countries has secured billions in structural funds to modernise transport and social infrastructure; upgrade utilities, including water and the region’s disparate gas and electricity; provide education and skills to increasingly aspirational local populations; and develop new and competitive industries building on traditional strengths. These factors have created huge opportunities for British services, engineering and construction companies, along with demand for UK financial services expertise and growing appetites for private healthcare and medical insurance amongst the region’s newly affluent middle-classes.

Join the five-day tour encompassing two of the region’s most important cities, Krakow and Brno, and then choose to continue to either Prague or Bratislava and Budapest where we will meet with buyers, senior Government officials and trade associations to help you expand your business.

There are opportunities for all UK companies: supply chain, production, export, no matter what your company does we will find the market for you.

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