Export Britain

Calorex Heat Pumps finds export success in over 60 countries

Based in Essex, Calorex is Europe’s leading manufacturer of cooling and drying equipment.

The company now exports to over 60 countries in Europe and Asia with over 52% of its turnover made up of exports. Years of international experience has allowed it to adapt its products to meet different market needs and climatic conditions.

Trading Internationally

Calorex’s management had significant experience entering new markets, and with this expertise it was able to identify lucrative opportunities abroad. Calorex saw a huge demand for its products in the Middle East as local businesses turned to British manufacturers to develop specialist products for the swimming pool industry. 



Exporting Tip

 ‘Learn the local market culture, have information available in the local language, check trade tariffs and local regulation that may apply to your product. Calorex have experience of hundreds of different applications in different national climates and French, German and Spanish speaking linguists on board as part of our team which help it to succeed.  

The final piece of the jig saw is our colleagues at the Essex Chamber of Commerce and we rely on them with regard to legalisation of documents such as certificates of origin and other documents to ensure a smooth running export system.  We also take advantage of their expert knowledge when we come across a new market and need to check out the requirements for that country. The staff is very helpful and we have made good use of their training courses.  All of these things add up to a very useful resource for our export team.’ Anne Guerrero, Calorex

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