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Access to Exporting Success for North East Businesses

17 February 2014

NECC has launched Access Programme designed to help North East companies develop or initiate a market presence specifically in the three expanding markets of Brazil, India and Russia. The ERDF funded ‘Access Programme’ is geared towards highlighting the wealth of business opportunity that exists in these countries for local businesses and is a really exciting project to be a part of.

Over the course of two years we’ll be aiming to dispel myths around potential barriers and pre-conceptions associated with these three countries, whilst highlighting the support packages available for North East companies keen to engage with these markets. A unique combination of grant support, events and market visits will provide vital business insight into how these countries operate, bringing it all to life with on-the-ground case studies of North East businesses who have trading experience in these areas.

It’s my role to provide practical support to North East companies wishing to fully exploit the trading opportunities in Brazil, India and Russia. The ERDF funded Access Programme has two target groups; those who are experienced exporters and up to now haven’t attempted to penetrate these markets, and secondly those already trading but who are looking to expand their presence overseas.

A key objective of mine is to draw attention to these fast growing economies, highlight the opportunities across a wide range of sectors alongside a high demand for quality services and products. They all have a strong growing domestic consumption and they are all very receptive to British expertise, services and products.

There is a tendency to perceive these markets as being ‘too difficult’; but every market has its challenges. True, they are not for making a ‘quick buck’, but they cannot be ignored. Any North East company trading internationally, with a long-term strategy for continued growth and well-spread international customer base, will need to consider either one or all of these markets for future growth.

The Access Programme aims to support companies through a series of seminars and market visits over the next two years. We are also working with a wide range of organisations regionally, nationally and internationally, to ensure we tap into the most up-to-date market and sector expertise. We’ve already made inroads with getting the message out there in 2013, and I’m looking forward to building on this in 2014, as we continue to spread the word about this unique Programme to the North East’s SMEs.  

Nynzi Maung is an International Market Development Executive at North East Chamber of Commerce. For all the latest news from Nynzi, follow @NECCnynzi.

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